Keith Marchant

My name is Keith Marchant and I am the inventor of Style Stick®. I’ve grown up inventing various products and creating solutions for every day problems. For over twenty years I’ve been developing a compound for all those untimely moments that happen when you least expect it. A pant hem comes down, a shirt collar won’t stay down or a blouse keeps gaping. I finally found the right combination. The next generation of temporary fabric adhesive, Style Stick® I even use it to hold my socks in place and stop them from falling.  

In an incredible collaboration with Marcy McKenna we have co-branded Style Stick® and are now able to bring it to the millions of women and men that suffer some form of garment mishap every day. To quote Marcy, it is your own “personal tailor in a tube”.  

While my original compound, Lapel Stick is sold in over fifteen hundred Sewing and Quilting outlets across North America, I always knew that a high end, cosmetic style product would be how we’d enter the Fashion and Style market. That vision is now Style Stick®.

Non toxic, acid free, safe and easy to use, Style Stick® simply has no negatives. The compound washes out in water or can be damp sponged off clothing if any residue is left behind. After three years, we know that the product will not harm any fabric whatsoever.

It also works on skin and can stop a bra strap or spaghetti strap from falling.

We are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality product. There is a very simple way to describe Style Stick®    IT WORKS.