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The Style Stick® Story

Keith Marchant Headshot - About Style StickOwner and Founder of Style Stick®, Keith Marchant, has been an inventor and entrepreneur for over 30 years in both the US and Canada. Like many entrepreneurs, the idea for Style Stick® came from a personal need, and from a desire to create a job for himself. He had always been bugged about how the collar on his golf shirt flipped up, and how it made him look like a nerd. That got under his skin, and he decided someday he would invent a product to solve this fashion challenge.

The original compound, Lapel Stick (now under the umbrella of Missouri Star Quilt Company) is sold in over fifteen hundred Sewing and Quilting outlets across North America. The success of this product allowed Keith to move Style Stick® into Fashion Industry. He has put together a team of highly qualified, social media consultants and managers to assist in marketing via all social media platforms – – – where the Fashion Industry lives and breathes. All aspects of the business are housed in Victoria, BC.

By putting together Style Stick® with the licensed name of “Marcy McKenna” the first push came in 2014 with QVC. Over $42,000 in less than nine minutes. The next move with Style Stick® by “Marcy McKenna” came when Marcy moved to the Joyus.com, a high end video shopping channel. In the last year alone, Joyus has sold over $100,000 worth of Style Stick®. Style Stick is looking to Home Shopping Channel as it’s next entry in the direct to consumer market in North America and has begun discussions with agencies in South Korea and China for entry into their high end fashion markets.

There are many people working together to bring Style Stick® successfully into the public eye. Soon every purse, desk and home office will have a Style Stick® handy for those moments that we all share. When you least expect it, Style Stick® will come to the rescue.