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“That’s fantastic. That’s a great invention.” – Kris Jenner

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“As a model, I’m always needing something to help keep my heels secure when I walk the runway. Hairspray sometimes helps, but it doesn’t last. At an event last night, my heels kept slipping out of my shoe, and I was about to go on. With a liberal application of style stick, it kept my feet in place and allowed me to walk with confidence. I now have a secret weapon that every model (or high heel wearer) should keep in their runway bag!”

Lexi Redman

“I work as a fashion model and recently walked in a big runway show where I had to wear a very revealing dress. The dress was very low cut on the sides and so I was nervous that I would slip out as I was walking on the runway.. However, with a quick application of Style Stick to the sides of the dress, I was completely secure all night! This look would not have been possible without this amazing product. Style Stick is very easy to use and very effective. I would recommend it to anyone.
Thank you so much Style Stick”

Sophia Dishaw

“I work at a credit union and I always keep a Style Stick® in my desk. It has saved me so many times when I am just about to have a meeting with a client and I notice that the hem on my skirt has fallen or the lining in my dress is doing something funky. I love that it is in a handy lipstick container too. If you accidentally put it on your lips (I am neither confirming nor denying that I have done this…) then it’s fortunately non-toxic too. Phewf! Haha”

Sarah Parsons

Since I play Santa in our household, my own stocking is always filled with beautiful treats! This past Christmas, I mentioned on Instagram that I planned to tuck a Style Stick into my stocking. The lovely folks at Style Stick saw my post and sent me two! Such thoughtfulness was much appreciated, and I immediately began to use the Style Stick. I am pleased to say that I can unhesitatingly recommend it as a simple and stylish tool to keep me looking neat and well put together (well, that’s my goal, anyhow; I’m working on it).

I have been using the Style Stick for nearly three months now – through the holidays, New Year’s Eve, a Robbie Burns dinner, our chilly weather, and every day. The Style Stick is a non-toxic, acid-free, and invisible glue that allows fabric to adhere to other fabric with no ill effects or residue. It’s packaged in a lipstick-type tube. After opening the tube (I did find getting the cap off to be a bit tricky), the glue twists up and you apply it to the areas you want to stick together. You then press the areas for a minute or so, and they stick together FOR AGES.

It’s easy to pop into an evening bag or cosmetic pouch for touch-ups, although in most instances I didn’t need to re-apply when out at an event or during a busy day. I felt really confident wearing evening blouses and dresses with necklines that can otherwise be tricky, and I loved how my shirt collars stayed looking crisp for hours in the daytime. I knew I couldn’t lose a treasured vintage scarf if I applied Style Stick to it when placing it under a jacket collar.

After much use, my top 8 favourite ways to use the Style Stick are:

  1. Applying the Style Stick to my bra strap and to a cotton boatneck tee so that the strap doesn’t slip or show;
  2. Putting the Style Stick on both sides of a silk shirt placket so that the shirt doesn’t gape at the bust;
  3. Using the Style Stick to ensure French Cuffs look tidy;
  4. Ensuring blouse and jacket collars stay in place by applying the Style Stick;
  5. Dabbing the Style Stick onto a tartan woolen shawl so it stays draped properly;
  6. Placing a small amount of Style Stick under the collar of a blazer to hold a silk scarf in place;
  7. Applying the Style Stick to the inside tip of a fabric belt so that it stays in place all day;
  8. Using the Style Stick on wrap dresses, thereby ensuring the desired amount of coverage (or not!) without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction.
Jane Vdara

“Such a neat product! I’ve been using this for my collared shirts for a while now and I have been a hero to a few friends for when we’re going out and they want to look on point. This is something that is always worth keeping around! Very versatile and convenient.”

Cole Kapler

“Style Stick® saved the day! Just as we were leaving for an event, part of my dress hem decided to unravel. Quick fix and we were on our way. Now I carry my Style Stick® with me wherever I go, cause you never know!”

Lorraine Drinkle Browne

“Fantastic product. Wonderful for unruly sleeves, gaps in buttoned blouses and hemlines. The women in my office use it daily.”

Reece Paisley

“I fixed both a collar that was flopping and a sweater that was falling from my shoulders. Style Stick® did the trick, I use it everyday now. Awesome product.”

Darina Derfenova

“Style Stick® to the rescue on a shirt pocket flap as well as a ribbon on a hat (that I rarely wear). I was really impressed and will continue to use it!”

Nancy Dolan

Style Stick Demonstration by Lisa Oates – Sassy You